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For same-sex marriage supporters in New York

Gov. Paterson is trying really hard to get the State Senate to pass a same-sex marriage bill during the session that started today.

He will sign it once  it gets to him.

I live in Sen. Betty Little's district (the Northway, basically), and I am in favor of same-sex marriage in new York.

I think it's important for our citizens, and I think it's important to take the momentum away from the decision in Maine.

Our senator, Betty Little, who is generally and good and supportive senator, has oppsed same-sex marriage in the past, and I have express my concern about that.

 I called her office at (518) 455-2811 and talked to Kathy, who said the senator does not think the state should redefine marriage.

She also said they are keeping track of the number of calls they receive expressing an opinion.

Honestly, if you have a strong opinion on this, I urge that you call either way.

In case you are not up here, this site will tell you how your senator stands on the issue --

Even if your senator has declared opposition to same-sex marriage, please contact him/her so our voices can be heard.

Update: Fom the Albany Times-Union's "Capitol Confidential" blog a little while ago:

As for legislation legalizing gay marriage, the Senate Democrats engaged in heated discussion during conference earlier — a conference meeting that did not include Sen. Tom Duane, the lead Senate sponsor of the bill. But so far, there’s been no indication that it will be brought on the floor today.
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