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Brad Smith

Posting Guidelines

  1. All posts must have a subject line for relevance.

  2. All posts must be tagged by importance or relevance to the content of the post. For a list of community tags, go here. For more information on tagging your posts, read the FAQ. Feel free to use as many as you wish, it helps other members find what they are looking for.

  3. Open Thread posts will be used to address important issues that involve the entire community. All comments should be taken to those posts concerning the issue at hand so that the community stays organized and easy to access. Simple complaints or venting should appear in an established 'Open Thread' posts, and should no appropriate thread exist then the subject should be proposed for post.

  4. Editorials and/or commentaries are welcomed but must have a clear subject, appear behind a cut if more than two paragraphs in length, and supported by source material links within the posted content or added at the end as footnotes. Though we encourage good natured and respectful debate, flaming and trolling will not be tolerated.

  5. People Profiles - spotlight posts on people who have in some way affected the course of events in a significant way, good and bad. Heroes or villains, as long as they should be known for their accomplishments.

  6. Get Active Locally! Have people over for discussions on relevant issues, and write about it.

  7. Know Your Roots! Stonewall... Harvey Milk... Know how we got where we are today and who fought those initial battles so you wouldn't have to.

  8. Video Introductions - make videos (vlogs) of yourself and your loved ones, upload them to a host site (such as YouTube) and post them in the community. Visibility will ensure that people reading this community stay aware that we are people just like them in many respects.

  9. Current Events - what is happening that is meaningful?
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