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engayge_america's Journal

A Blueprint For GLBT Equality In America
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Fighting For GLBT Equality & Civil Rights

Mission Statement +
To ensure through grassroots activism that legal rights and benefits are assured Americans regardless of identity; by providing information, and giving a voice to those without one.

What We Are +
A collection of citizens committed to changing bad policy which restricts and prohibits the civil liberties of Americans, regardless of identity, by putting constant pressure on elected officials to uphold the separation of church and state and to deny the propagation of discriminating legislation, regardless of personal bias.
Why We Are +
We are because we must be. Until the very people who judge another can understand that they are playing with other people's lives and that no one should have to hold their breath waiting to be themselves, we are not a free country. Period.
Who We Are Not +
We are not dogmatic and thus we're open to all avenues and ideas toward the common goal of gaining our rights. We are not so petty that we regard our rights before others. We are not so ignorant that we imagine our struggle is not shared, and we are not so callow as to give in before what is right is secured. We do not assume that our rights will come easily, without compromise or without a wealth of humility. We are not about "all or nothing," so much as "all eventually, but one step at a time."
Community Rules & Guidelines +
Posting access for community members is moderated pending approval of content. Posts written by community members with the express purpose of personal attack against another community member will not be tolerated. Members who cannot exhibit respect for this community and its members may be disallowed posting and commenting privileges pending the agreement of all moderators. All posts must be tagged, and conform to the set guidelines written in this post.
Info +
This community exists for those who believe and work to make it a reality. Your moderators are jesus_h_biscuit, lolasenvy, tinywarrior, michaelnolan, city_of_dis, and furrbear.

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